Social Research unique

  1 - On farm research
  2 - Rural Geographic
  3 - Economic - social problems of nomad
  4 - Indigenous knowledge

   Yosof Ghanbari

Projects research in the part:
 1 - Evaluation of execution control inter livestock project to rangeland in the lsfahan province

 2 - Survey projects research on the partnership (on farm research) in the Golpaygan city
 3 - study on the Scio- economic effects of implemented watershed management activates in Plasjan

Abstract :
Every year about 1.23.460 head sheep and goat are grazed in Semirom rangelands by Ghashghai Nomads.
High density of sheep, warm weather and invasion of annual and toxic plants in south of Iran and stress for early grazing by other nomads and short age of migration time between cold areas in Isfahan and warm area in Fars and Bosher province are the most important factors for early movement of nomads.
This movement causes many problems for range management and natural growth of plants in summer quarter and for natural Resources Organization also . they try to advice them that early entrance produce many problems for then in future. Every year they try to stop them via entrance control programmer. But this project produce many social problems. We try to evaluate this project in view point of nomads.
For determination of nomads idea about this project according the distribution of them in different parts of Semirom with questioner farms the public and specific data were gathered.
The data were analyzed by SAS analytical methods.
The results of this project show that:
1 - About 95% of nomads agree with doing this project
2 - The decrease of rangelands in pathways are the most factors for early movement of them
3 - Some nomads without grazing certificate are the most important factor for forced other nomads to move.
4 - The most factor for decrease in migration time is governmental limiting, increase the area of dry farming and horticulture , occupation of range by villagers, and
5 - Neighbor province has any co-operation for these projects.