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 1 - Economic evaluation research projects
 2 - Determination of economic efficiency  production
       of Agriculture
 3 - Comparative advantages of products in Agriculture

People :

Mehdi Kiani


Research projects
1 - The survey on essential factors in milk production in relation with number of traditional hybrid dairy cattle in Golpaygan region
2 - Determination of comparative advantage some of industry and medicine plants
3 -Study of present honey bees industry in Isfahan province and economic effect of food supplements utilization granol and cake in nutrition of honey bees on output.

Abstract :
During this research we measured the comparative advantage of production and export of some selected medicinal plants in different provinces and compared them with Isfahan . Fennel, germane chamomile black cumin. Fever few and galbanum was chosen because they have been cultivated or exploited in lsfahan. The Domestic Resource Cost (DRC) , the Social Cost Benefit (SCB) and the cost of production for these plants as the indicators of comparative advantage were determined. The results showed that according to DRC and SCB, Isfahan had comparative advantage for all the plants.

Abstract :
Golpaygan regions (in lsfahan) rearing 20.000 head of dairy cows has highest rank of milk yield per capita among other regions of Isfahan province and the country.
Studying factors affecting milk yield of the cows required information obtained through stratified randomized simply method and analyze by estimation of production function Data also obtained by completing require from 170 traditional farms including 520 dairy cows. The result showed that important factor affecting milk yield of the dairy cattle in the regions. Are breed, nutrition, body weight and labored which nutrition is the most important among the factors. Other result slowed that minimizing variable cost milk yield should be equal 25kg. And 9 head of dairy cows is optimum for traditional dairy farming in Golpaygan region.