*    Fisheries Research Dept.


    Isfahan province has abundant water sources and it is one of the most important provinces for fish culture in inland water. In this base fisheries Research Section was established in 1995 for executing scientific applied projects and solving fish farmers problems and also, for fish culture expanding. So, this section has three designs


1 -Research unit of fish nutrition

2 -Research unit of fish culture and propagation

3 -Research unit of Hydrology and Hydrobiology

4 -People :

Abbas Ali Esteki

Sayed kamal Aldin Allameh Fani

Mojtaba Mohammadi Arani

Sayed Rahman Danialy


1 Research Unit of fish Nutrition:

a) Search of feed sources and determination of their nutritive values for utilization in fish diets.

b) Determination of fish nutrition requirements;

c) Study of nutrients roles in growing and rearing of fish

d) Yield increase of feed with utilization from feed additives.


2 Research unit of fish culture and propagation:

a) Propagation methods and percent increasing of fertilization and larvae survival.
b) Selection of better spawner fish.

c) To get have best culture methods and evaluation of various ways for production increasing in surface unit.

d) Effects of management on fish production.


3 Research unit of hydrology and hydrobiology:

a) Search of water sources in province

b) Determination of water sources potential for fish culture and fish suitable species.

c) Fish biology

d) Study of aquatic organisms and water environment and interaction between them