Natural Resources Research Dept

Department of Natural Resources was established in 1986 and now consists of 7Groups:

Rangeland Research, Botany Research, Medicinal Plants & By Products Research Group, Forestry & Populous Research, Resources Research, Seed Technology Research, Desertification Research Group

The main duty of the department is to implementation applied and developing research in order to detection of resources and potentials, the best way of utilization of various stands of Natural resources with the respect of environmental stability and increasing efficiency of related executive activities. It is including of stations : Shahid Fozveh _ desertification and sand fixation station of Kashan and, Livestock and range management station of shahid Hamzavi in semiroms Hanna. Also 75 action research exclusions in Isfahan Province were for implement research projects.

This department has a Herbarium with 14000 sample from 1500 species a gene bank with 2000 sample of range plant seeds, an Insectarium, collection of medicinal plants and a collection of rang plants.



1- Rangeland Research Group

     Pepole :

     - Mortaza Khodagholi
     - Mostafa Saidfar
     - Masuod Borhani
     - Asghar Ghaedi
     - Mostafa Ezdani
     - Mohamad Taghi Feyzi




2- Botany Research Group

     Pepole :

     - Mostafa Norozi
     - Mahin Gankorban
     - Maryam Majid

  4- Forestry & Populus Research Group

      Pepole :

      - Heidar Ali Daneshvar


 5- Protection & Conservation of Natural 

      Pepole :

       - Ahmad Reza Seifollahi
       - Mortaza Gafari
       - Fatemeh Ahmadi

 3- Medicinal Plants & By Products Research Group

     Pepole :

      - Karim Bakarzade
      - Babak
      - Mohamad Asfa
      - Masuod Askarzade

 7- Seed Technology Research Group

      Pepole :

      - Masuod Esmaeil Sharif
      - Mogtaba Modares Hashemi
      - Mohamad Mehdi Kaboli
      - Zarin Tage Bordbar


 8- Desertification Research Group
      Pepole :

      - Hossean Salehi
      - Abas Kianipor
      - Abas Ali Farahi
      - Hossean Batoli
      - Mortaza Abtahi