Isfahan Center for Research of Agricultural Science and Natural Resources


 Isfahan Center for Research of Agricultural  Science and Natural Resourses is one of the best qualified research centers of the ministry of Jihad-e-Agriculture in the country. It is consist of 6 departments : Natural Resourses, Animal Science, Fishery, Watershed Manangement, Veterinery and Social-Economical. Each of them has different history. In 1969 Isfahan Desert Research Station established as a part of Department of Rangelands and Forestry. This was directed by ministry of Agriculture. This condition continued until 1987 when the department of natural Resourses established. thatís main activities were to implement local projects from National Institute of Rangelands and Forestry. After separation of functions between two ministries of Jihad and Agriculture in 1991, it reconstructed with new stracture and named as a recent title: Isfahan Center for Research of Animal Science and Natural Resourses. It was consist of only two departments: Natural Resourses and Animal Science. Since the three years from 1995 to 1998, departments of Fishery, Watershed Manangement,Veterinery and Social-Economical added to the center respectly. After the insertion of two ministries of Jihad and Agriculture into the ministry of Jihad-e-Agriculture in 2000, the center organized as a part of Research, Education and Propagation Organization(TAT) and now with more than 80 well-experienced experts, 5 equipped labs and 9 research stations, we can participate to environmental researches of the world in 26 main fields of research.


Seed Breeding Research Dept.

Natural Resources Research Dept.  

Agriculture Economy Research Dept.  Animal Science Research Dept.
Soid & Water Research Dept. Fisheries Research Dept.
Sugar Beet Research Dept. Veterinary Medicine Research Dept. 
Pest Control Research Dept.  Watershed Management Research Dept.
Rice Research Dept. Social - Economic Research Dept.
Rural Research Dept.  
Isfahan Center for the Research of Animal Science & Natural Resources Iran Isfahan
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